How to Shop Online Safety during Black Friday

How to Shop Online Safety during Black Friday

Online shopping whether it is during Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other day has never been as safe. There are people out there looking for avenues to carry out fraudulent activities on unsuspecting shoppers.  Here, we cover a few tips to help you ensure safety during Black Friday online shopping.

Shop only on recommended stores         

There will be very many stores offering early or even unimaginable Black Friday deals. Be on the lookout for stores that are not genuine. You need to be sure that the website that you are buying from is authentic.

Use reliable and secure payment gateways

Nowadays, there are numerous payment options which you can use to make any payment online. Some of the payment options can be used fraudulently. However, credit cards are considered appropriate payment option since it guards you against any problem that may arise in the delivery or the quality of goods that you purchase. Should you receive faulty or goods of low standards, you can always ask for a refund.

Avoid any phishing promotional emails

As people rush for the best Black Friday deals, they tend to be carried away by the excitement and anxiety that comes with the shopping season. Resultantly, online scammers take this opportunity to use phishing to steal personal information from unsuspecting customers for use in fraudulent activities.

Often, such attacks are made through phishing emails that resemble any email from an existing and genuine store. Do not click any link or download anything from an email of which you are not sure. Be on the lookout for typos and other common errors such as the misspelling of your name of the failure to address you by your names.

Avoid shopping on public networks

Public networks are often used by cybercriminal as sites to steal your details. When engaging in Black Friday online shopping, ensure that you are doing it from secure networks. Some of the common areas to avoid include hotspots in churches, schools, hotels, and airports since they are highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

With the influx increased use of the internet, the risk of falling a victim of cybercrime is high. There are cyber criminals on every site you open and especially on this coming Black Friday shopping season. To be safe, it is advisable to be careful with the sites as well as how you pay for any of your Black Friday deals.

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